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Time is money and avoidable errors can cost you a lot of both

In today’s fast-paced, competitive business environment, with rising communications, repair and development costs there is very little room for error. In fact, there’s rarely an opportunity for a second chance; if you don’t get it right the first time you could lose everything. It’s your business that’s on the line, so why risk it?

Finding the right company to handle your basic infra-structure needs can be a nightmare. It may be easy to find a one-man service company for a low-ball price; however, that is not very wise in today’s high-tech environment where specialist technicians are needed for almost every situation. There is also the temptation to expect your employees to solve problems they are unqualified to resolve in order to save money.  But, ask yourself two simple questions: would you really trust the backbone of your business to an amateur?  AND While your network is down how much are you losing every hour?  Yet, trusting your voice and data cabling needs and network communications solutions to someone who will take days to get back to you or to an inexperienced and unqualified technician can put you out of business.

It pays to get it right the first time.

Your company’s future is worth taking the time to call our technologists at Unified Net Solutions, Inc., communications and networking professionals that will help you design and implement an Information Technology (IT) strategy for your business to give you a competitive edge. We will create a structured plan to help you fix your current communications problems, or assist you in developing a technology plan for your business.

Unified Net Solutions, Inc. is the answer

We specialize in providing intelligent pathways to connect your communications equipment.  Understanding your IT and communications needs is what sets us apart from our competition.  We will work with you to develop a network that will grow with your business while protecting your infrastructure, ideas, and investment. We are not into slamming our customers with a quick sales job. That is not a part of our business plan.  We do not put our clients’ backs up against a wall with mediocre solutions to satisfy sales quotas.  We have the resources to provide detailed back-up data and research to substantiate our proposals and recommendations for our customers.

Our clients are like family and we treat them as such.  With respect to our clients and future clients Unified Net Solutions, Inc. is here to provide you with much needed customer support, Engineering, and a well round installation team.  In times of need we are here to provide you with answers that will help to simplify your needs and concerns when it comes to your Telephony/Networking, C. C. T. V Security access, Paging and or Cabling issues.

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