Network Cabling & Wiring

Given the fact that network servers and other equipment are critical to the operation of any business, it is more important today than ever to put a structured cabling system in place that can be relied upon to provide performance and security. Many business operations are mandated by law to have strict security measures in place to prevent data breaches, but this is nearly impossible to implement without a structured cabling system installed as the backbone to a network.

The network cabling system for any business represents the most vulnerable system for critical failure that can interrupt all aspects of the business. With more applications than ever, including voice over IP and videoconferencing, there is an increasing reliance on the network for every aspect of doing business.

Never before could a large organization be crippled by a failure in a single cable, switch, or connection like it can today. With increasing demands for bandwidth and availability for everything from email and database applications to phones, remote access, and even surveillance systems, businesses need to be able to rely on their cabling systems in order to survive.

This underscores the importance of following standards and having an organized system that allows for quick troubleshooting and easy replacement of faulty components. It is critical to be able to solve problems when they occur by focusing on the problem solving. The expense of mapping and exploring a legacy system to begin troubleshooting is often higher than the cost of installing a structured cabling system, especially when connection faults happen regularly.

Turn to the professionals at Unified Net Solutions to recommend, repair and install complete structured cabling solutions for any sized business or organization, from small business to multi-national corporations. Our certified network engineers can provide a standardized system that allows for quick expansion and simple troubleshooting while adhering to the best in class methods used by the largest companies.

  • Moves/ ADDs/ Changes
  • Emergency Phone System Repairs
  • Telephone System Installation i.e.: Nortel Norstar Systems, XBlue Networks System, Other phone systems,
  • Audio Visual training room set ups i.e.: Plycom, Extron Electronics
  • Infra-structure Cabling i.e.:  Cat 5, Cat 5E, Cat 6, and Fiber Optic
  • Paging i.e.: Bogen Systems, Valcom Systems, and Sound Masking Systems
  • Low voltage structured cabling
  • Small Business Phone/Communication Systems
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