Structured Cabling

Today’s networks are engineered with a plan and adhere to rigid guidelines to make it easy for others to figure out what it going on. Standards allow for the installation of all types of equipment in an organized fashion, allowing a business to retain control of their network and easily troubleshoot problems or perform upgrades.

Eliminate the bottlenecks found in typical legacy networks by having an organized, structured cabling system in place at every location. The consistency of clearly marked cable runs, organized closets, and predictable layouts will save money in the long run and provide peace of mind immediately, while increasing the value of the business as a whole.

It only makes sense to have a standardized structured cabling system in place at any business. Nobody would expect to see plumbing systems that had no planning or electrical wiring systems that were made up of tangles and knots, so why would network cabling be any different?

In fact it is much more likely that a cabling system will have to be upgraded or require troubleshooting than plumbing or electrical systems, so the need for an organized system is even greater for networks. Being able to solve a networking problem could mean quickly swapping out a faulty component in a few minutes time in a structured environment, or it could lead to days of expensive troubleshooting and wire tracing in a legacy system.

We cover all bases:

  • Infra-structure Cabling i.e.:  Cat 5, Cat 5E, Cat 6, and Fiber Optic
  • Low Voltage Structured Cabling
  • Network Cabling
  • Structured Cabling Design
  • With cable infra-structure installation, we adhere to TIA/EIA -568 Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standards and BICSI- wiring standards.
  • Site surveys to figure out what you’ll need and we even plan for the future.
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