Technology Boost

A structured cabling solution consists of all the cables and equipment that connect computers together and to the Internet, including patch cables, backbone cables, terminal blocks, patch panels, etc. When migrating to a structured system from a legacy system it is often advantageous to replace most of the network components such as switches, routers, hubs, repeaters, network interface cards (NICs), and even firewalls with newer, faster components. This will not only speed up the network significantly, but also combine the downtime and labor costs into one comprehensive project that will provide an immediate return on investment.

The benefits to any business include increased bandwidth, allowing more users to access shared resources faster, and easy expansion in the future. Structured cabling systems allow the integration of cutting edge technology such as voice over IP, network security devices, video conferencing, streaming videos, collaboration tools, shared databases, and remote access into the network environment while enhancing security and increasing speed.

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